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Who We Are

WRRA represents Washington's diverse and multifaceted solid waste handling industry, providing its members with general legal support, educational seminars, workshops, and representation before regulatory agencies and the Legislature.

About WRRA

We're an association of solid waste companies and professionals who have gathered to promote the private solid waste and recycling industry and our member companies.

Important dates in Washington State Solid Waste History:

  • 1961 Washington State enacted comprehensive legislation regulating the collection and transportation of solid waste, which creates the "G-Certificate"
  • 1989 Waste Not Washington Act
  • 2004 WSDOE Issues "Beyond Waste Plan"
  • 2005 Legislature re-regulates the "collection and transportation of commercial recyclables."

Mission Statement

To promote environmentally sound and efficient solid waste and recycling services within the Washington State regulatory system.

WRRA’s Sustainability

The Washington Refuse & Recycling Association (WRRA) supports the working definition of sustainability and goals adopted by the Department of Ecology, and the provisions of Executive Order 02-03.

Department Of Ecology's Working Definition of Sustainability: "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Sustainability in the Solid Waste & Recycling

WRRA believes that the sustainable operation of the solid waste & recycling system considers economic, environmental and community resources and impacts. Therefore, WRRA supports the following sustainable practices:

  • Ensuring compliance with all environmental, solid waste and recycling laws and regulations.
  • Looking for opportunities for greater energy efficiency.
  • Looking for opportunities to reduce emissions from collection vehicles.
  • Working with state and local governments to reduce, reuse and recycle waste streams.
  • Continuing to implement programs that improve worker health and safety and improve collection efficiency.
  • Supporting a quality work environment for all employees.
  • Promoting community service.
  • Supporting sustainable efforts by others in our communities.

WRRA Scholarships

The WRRA Scholarship Program was established in 2006 and made its initial awards in 2007 for the 2007-08 school year. The program is intended to assist WRRA Member company employees and their children to continue education in college or vocational school programs.

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Member Directory

2018-2019 Member Directory Front Cover

If you are a member or associate and would like a printed copy of the 2017-2018 Member Directory, please send an email to Kathy@wrra.org.

*Printed copies are available depending on inventory supply.

*Please note that this will be the last year for hard copies of the WRRA Member Directory. Going forward, the Directory will be available online only.